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Tom Wolford is a graduate of the Massage Therapy Training Institute. He is licensed to practice in Prairie Village, Kansas. Tom is also certified in Reiki and Quantum Touch, in addition, he is a certified Reiki instructor. Tom just added a new practice “Flowtrition” and is a certified Flow practitioner.  Tom prides himself in being able to tailor each massage therapy session to the needs of each client. He pulls from a wide range of training and experience to address each client’s special needs.  My goal is to work with the healing power within you. Make an appointment right now and make the “Art of Well-Being” a habit.


Holistic healing is the focus of my methods. My top priority is your well-being. With all the advances in Western medicine, we sometimes forget that the body actually heals itself. Any healing that I do is meant to encourage and restore the balance and conditions needed for the body/mind/spirit to be in a state of wellness rather than dis-ease. Along the wellness path, one method may fit better for you than another. We will work together to find your path.

My goal is to help facilitate the healing that is right for you.

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Energy Massage

Reiki and energy massage prairie village

Reiki Energy Massage

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Overland Park - Prairie Village - Kansas City

Hot Stone Massage Overland Park - Prairie Village - Kansas City

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Sports Massage

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Massage in Prairie Village

So far I have had 3 Flowtrition sessions with Tom. I am consistently sleeping soundly all night for the first time in my... Read More

Posted by Nancy Salmons on Friday, May 23, 2014