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Hi, every now and again I come across a funny or memorable massage therapy story. I hope you enjoy! massage overland park – prairie village

Most memorable massage— or How I wrestled a Bear!

Some years back, on a business trip to Vancouver, I was stranded, due to a huge blizzard. With all but emergency travel banned, I settled into my hotel and found they offered “Turkish” massage. Being bored and looking for a new experience… I bit!
At the appointed hour, I reported to the spa and not a soul around, but did find a very unusual table, better described, an elevated platform, not unlike a boxing ring with no ropes.

Shortly, my man appeared, in sandals and a bathrobe, and asked me to disrobe… while handing me a cloth about the size and texture of a twin bed sized sheet… and I was totally baffled. Was this to lay on, drape around me?? No, he then opened his robe and I saw the purpose was… for me to wrap this around myself, much as a giant diaper.. with no safety pins. My masseuse was roughly 5′ 8” and would run around 290… I was 6’4” and 220… ,not looking good for me. However, the best part was BODY HAIR! In all my years of gym classes, sports, fraternity showers… this guy made a grizzly look bald!

With some coaching, I donned my new outfit, only to find we now were to crawl up on the platform… and somehow the thoughts of a Roman Coliseum death match whizzed through my head.

In addition, his massage oil was in an old wine bottle, right off the table of an Italian restaurant… little metal pouring spout and all…. kinda reminded me of a Danny DeVito on steroids. He then proceeds to heavily oil down his OWN body… and says I’ll get all I need as the treatment proceeds… As I stood there, staring at the wildly glistening super hairy man, in a giant diaper!

Note: We then “wrestled” for 45 minutes, as he put me in various holds, stretches, and positions. In turn, I promised a very big tip and the passwords to all my accounts, if he would just unwrap my leg from around my neck.. and let me go! Longest 45 minute of my life…

Lessons learned: Get to know your masseuse before the session begins.. and ask a few questions… read other patients comments… and never wear a diaper with no safety pins!


I have been taking Protandim for months now and am feeling healthier, sleeping better, more focused and taking charge of my own Well-Being.

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  • For better absorption, cut in half and swallow both halves.
  • Take 2 a day, when in severe pain, take 7 hours apart for 10 days.

PROTANDIM Ingredients:

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All Inclusive Holiday Special

Dear new, present and past Clients,

For a limited time only the Wolford Clinic is offering a Holiday Special.


Buy 10 sessions between 11/24 and 12/31/2017 and receive a discount of $150 on this package. Buy 5 for yourself and 5 for family and friends. This includes all sessions offered by the Wolford Clinic.


I do have individual gift certificates at the regular cost if you want to buy one or two.

For packages under 10 you must attend 2 Wellness Meetings at the Wolford Clinic, to receive a discount of $15 off each future Wolford Clinic sessions.

A package of 5 would be a savings of $75. Ask Tom about the monthly Wellness Meetings starting in January, 2018. And look for the Wellness Meeting announcements on Facebook, newsletters and on the Wolford Clinic blog. My blog is found on my website. These meetings will be hosted by my own network of Doctors, chiropractors, Healers, energy workers, mentors and friends. If you would like to host a meeting for yourself or you know of someone who would be interested please let me know or have them reach out to me.

Thomas L. Wolford
the Art of Well-Being
913 961-8583

peace be with you, may you be happy, may you be filled with loving kindness and may you be surrounded by unconditional love, now.

Flowtrition / Reiki Long Distance Healings

Ever wonder if you can feel energy from another +place? I’ve been practicing Long Distance Reiki and Flowtrition in my studio for many years. Here is one testimonial from a client who have been receiving long distance healing from myself and her reaction after 10 sessions.

"I cried. Really good. Remembering what I really want and need. Who I am."

Your reaction will be different yet just as transforming and beneficial.

Call or text Tom at 913-961-8583 or schedule an Long distance session online:


Thank you,

be well and Know All is Well

massage cupping

A client came in Saturday with a injury from a motor vehicle accident. Trigger point injections were giving her some relief but would eventually come back after a couple of months. You might say hey I could live with that. However after 2 years and multiple injections she still experience acute pain.

Yesterday, this client came in for massage cupping. Here is her review:

Hi thanks again for the cupping yesterday it feels great! Some slight bruising but it’s ok the pain less than what it was I’ll definitely be back thank you!

Yay, cupping works, don’t wait book an appointment today!

September Hello!

One day Labor Day Sale.

  • make up to 3 appointments at Summer prices for Energy Massages. Cancellations and no shows negate the offer.
  • Buy 5 or more at the Summer price for Energy Massages. Make your appointments online today or Monday and pay the next time you come in for an appointment. Regular prices go up after midnight Sept 4th. Savings of $15 per appointment.

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Washington State University

My Meetups will be swinging into action also. I love meeting people and helping them. Do you? Maybe you know someone who loves to get their Wellness message out.


yours in Wellness

FYI: super September sale

Dear Clients and Friends,

I so appreciate your patronage this summer. For those of you who have been loyal clients I am extending my summer sale by offering a schedule 5 appointments at summer sale pricing as long as you schedule before Monday which is Labor Day.
click the link below.

If you love coming my therapeutic massages and want to buy 5 or more you must state this verbally, or in an email or text to Tom, and the next time you come in pay for as many appointments as you wish at the Summer Sale amount. for example:

Dear Tom,

I would like ten one hour energy massage sessions at your extraordinary price of $70 each. Thanks!

Thomas L. Wolford
the Art of Well-Being
913 961-8583

peace be with you, may you be happy, may you be filled with loving kindness and may you be surrounded by unconditional love, now.

Help is on its way

I recently found this out. Washington State University QUOTE:

“Nrf2 activation is the most extraordinary
therapeutic and preventive breakthrough in the
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Please watch this and call me for a meeting.


I am so happy I found this. Its an answer to my prayers, hope and dreams!