Community Sessions

The Wolford Clinic provides much needed relief and relaxation to clients falling under Community Sessions. I combined my special discounted sessions into one heading.

Community Sessions consist of people who fall under the criteria below and will receive a discount for the Wolford Clinic premiere energy massage..

  1. Veterans who have served in the Military.
  2. Students who are either working full-time and taking classes or students part-time or full-time.
  3. Seniors retired and living on a fixed income
  4. People with Disabilities that are on a fixed income
  5. Single Parents with one stream of income, not living with their partner.

Thomas L. Wolford
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peace be with you, may you be happy, may you be filled with loving kindness and may you be surrounded by unconditional love, now.

Overland Park Reiki

Hi, thanks for reading my blog and checking in on what’s new. Over the last 11 plus years as a Reiki Master I have been going to gatherings and events promoting Reiki Healing Energywork in Overland Park. I received my Reiki attunement in the fall of 2004. One of the nice things about my instructor was that she held a Reiki Circle or Reiki Share at Unity of Overland Park twice a month. I have been going to different venues throughout Overland Park over the years, promoting myself and organizations like Care Alternatives Hospice by giving whoever was interested in Reiki and willing to sit or lay down for more than 5 minutes. I have met so many wonderful people through this exchange of healing energy. I have even become clients of some of this people who got out of their comfort zone and decide to do what was best for them at the moment. My acupuncturist was one of these people and I refer almost all my clients to her for chronic aches and pains that won’t go away with my amazing massage techniques. . Her use and knowledge of acupuncture has helped many of my clients to find relief and relaxation. I have been to numerous company sponsored Health Fairs for vast amounts of employee’s that need that special Reiki stress release and relief. Thanks for reading and I hope to find you realizing your true potential and self worth with a Reiki session soon. Reiki Massages are truly amazing and can be scheduled through my website . Mention this blog post and get a $5 discount.

New Foot Soak and massage upgrades

Dear Clients,

Two new massage are being added to sessions

Free 5 minute foot soak with essential oils. add $5.00 for Essential oils .

Head, Hand and Foot Massage with 5 minute hand and Epsom salt foot soak. $60 per session.

Wolford Clinic is now adding a free 5 minute foot soak upgrade to your session. Act now and make an appointment for your free foot soak. Offer available for a limited time. Your foot soak is free. Call ahead for preparation time.

Another new service being provided is Head, Hand and Foot massage with Epson Salt Soaking tubs for hands and feet. 1 hour for $60. Please call ahead for preparation time.

Please share with your network of family, friends and co-workers or staff.

Thank you

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  • Summer Savings for Premium Sessions on Energy Massage (60 Min), Energy Massage (90 Min), 2 Hour Energy Therapeutic Massage, Enhanced Reiki by Tom Wolford for any Client.
  • Works on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from June 22, 2017 – August 31, 2017
  • Works between 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM.
  • Coupon can be used only once

Schedule Now

Limited availability

Redeem from
June 22, 2017 – August 31, 2017

Wolford Clinic is discounting Energy Massage Sessions this Summer $15.00
Act Now and Book your session. for a limited time only. 25 coupons are available.
Nice post from my brother on my personal facebook page.

William Wolford was supporting wolford clinic.

15 hrs ·

Hey I just want to give a shout out to my brother Tom Wolford and his business Wolford Clinic where, for years he has been helping and healing people in his own special and unique way. I know he works his butt off doing what he loves doing and it pays off. So if you are in the Kansas City area set up an appointment with him, I promise you will love it.

Massage Cupping Trigger Points

I just finished a massage cupping trigger point session with a client experiencing chronic back tightness, spasms and tension. I focused on trigger point work with deep tissue techniques and added massage cupping the trigger points. I added an essential oil known to help with inflamation and pain. I finished the session with some stretches and held them for 20 seconds or more. My client left relaxed and with relief, and they made another appointment for the following week to keep reminding the muscles to relax and not hold tension and inflammation. Our next session will focus on trigger points and stretching and I will do the research necessary for them to get relief at home. One more thing, my client had experienced back spasms after sitting at the computer work station for over 2 hours straight. I have advised them to get up and move around and stretch, every 30 minutes.

Be Well and Know All is Well.

Important News!


I have moved my office location!

I’m happy to be able to provide the same excellent service to you from my Home Studio.

The address is 7728 Rosewood Drive, Prairie Village, KS  66208

Thank you for your patronage and loyalty!

Keep tabs on current progress of the Move on my website and facebook pages

New Location starting officially February 1st, 2017


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