first foot soak client

As I am typing my client is soaking her feet in Epsom salts, baking soda and Peppermint oil for 10 minutes. Her next 90 minutes will include a professional massage. This is my first client this summer who has requested this special service the Wolford Clinic is offering free for a limited time. Another service being provided that includes a foot soak is the Head, Hands and Foot massage service. Questions please call Tom at 913 961-8583

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  1. I reside in Canada and stumbled on your site via face book by following the link for the Japanese Self-Relaxation technique.
    Would this foot soak be beneficial to use at home?
    Would you be willing to give me the quantities of ingredients you use for this foot soak?

    • Hi Donna, I use Epsom Salts, 1 cup per gallon of water, 1 to 2 cups baking soda, depending on hardness of water. and 4 and up to 10 drops of essential oil of the clients choosing.

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