I appreciate you.

I felt much better yesterday- felt more in the present moment and living from the heart, more balanced, more confidence, more openness to the flow of life, and back pain was nearly gone. Thank you again for your time and mentorship, this is REALLY helping me in life. I appreciate you.

Thank J.R.S. Thank you for your kind words.
Thomas L. Wolford
the Art of Well-Being
913 961-8583

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  1. I had the pleasure of working with Tom Wolford a few years ago. As a fellow therapist, he was generous with his knowledge, skills, and expertise. What I will remember forever about Tom is a real life-changing moment: I felt secure enough with him to confess that I had a peculiar inability to recognize individuals by face, and that all my life I relied on voice, clothes, etc. to identify even close friends. First time I confessed that to anyone. EVER. He calmly told me that what I likely have is Face Blindness (prosopagnosia) and that he knew a clerk at an auto parts store with the same disorder. WOW. I felt that a disturbing secret I’d carried for years wasn’t so terrible after all. I then researched this condition and have since learned to manage it quite effectively. But my progress only began because of Tom’s knowledge and calm advice. THANK YOU!

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